These Dogs are For the Birds

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So.  I haven't posted about my pups in awhile, and that may have to do with a bit of a destructive streak which took with it the lives of more than one croc.  RIP Purple and Brown Crocs.  But, as with any relationship, there is pleasure with the pain, and in wintertime we have one of our funnier doggie delights.

We put our dogs to bed like birds.  Yup.  When I had a bird (Icicle was its name--we had it for 7 days until my subsequent asthma-attack sent me to the ER), at night you would simply throw a light blanket over the cage, and Icicle would cease to chirp.  Now, of course I believed this is when my bird began plotting its world domination a la Pinky and the Brain.  And, considered I was sent the the hospital within the week, I'm still not entirely positive that I was wrong about my bird's megalomania. Either way, when the blanket went on the cage, the birdie shut the hell up.  I should add that this is both a normal and good thing.

Dogs are, generally speaking, a bit trickier.  With dogs you have the added variables of beds, blankets, relatively unrestricted movement, wrestling, and vomit.  This is by no means a comprehensive list, but I hope we can all agree that when you hit 'vomit' on any list, people probably have gotten the point.

Our dogs, however, are at times . . . uncomplicated.  All they really ask for is something soft to lay on (granted the hierarchy is firmly established as: bed, lap, couch, dog-bed, carpet) and something to keep them warm.  I'm totally kidding.  If you want them to sleep past 6 am, they require a blanket laid over the top of them and, if possible, tucked in a little.  You know, cause they are like 5 year-olds.

That said, when the blanket goes on . . . they go out.  Just like birds.
with flash
Additionally, in an effort to further curb ye ol' shoe chew, we got them a bunch of new toys (again.  cause they are like 5 year-olds).  Falcor, the little one, finds the only way to get some real quality time with the new toys is to bring them into his crate, away from his older brother.

To absolutely no avail.

And yet, in a few hours it'll be right back to this;

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