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Friday, October 8, 2010 | 1 Comment(s)

So, just like when a new relationship starts and you try to hide your crazy and let it out little by little, so too am i with my writing.  And it's only now, almost a year in (blogiversary coming up!), that i reveal that i write poetry.  Sometime.  And while the consistency with which i produce this stuff isn't at all consistent in terms of day to day or month to month, even; it has consistently stuck with me over the years.  And so, on this friday with the sun shining, i give you three of them.  An intro poem then a point and counter-point.  And for those of you who are my gf, these are both old poems.  Fear not.

ps.  in sharing these poems these is a footnote that must mention that the style of my poetry is what my brother has coined, "blunt emotionalism."  It's pretty accurate.  


My poems may not be good
but they are

Not the One

I never meant to not be the one.
For you.
For us.
I thought I was too.
I thought we were one.
I just kept tripping up, but never falling.
In love.
I never meant to not.
Be the one.
For you.


I like how we kiss
our lips slide and mesh so well
its not like a game or a fight
its like justice
like we are taking our just desserts out on each other
trying to find our retribution inside the softness of the others embrace.

her eyes look at me
like their listening to the reality I stating with my corneas
not the constant babble from my mouth.

I feel special
I haven't felt special in a long time
it feels good
I feel good

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. it's good to see blunt emotionalism back on the literary table. separated from it's brother-form "blunt bluntism" (originated by sir thomas neely) by, um, emotions, blunt emotionalism lasers right to the core of both mattitiyahu's individual and America's collective heart, and lays what it finds there out without fanfare. it is a dark, at times dramatic, at times painful tour de force, holding a mirror . . . . . et cetera.