Monday, October 4, 2010 | 3 Comment(s)

A perfect moment.

My gf was about to get in bed and was holding her water glass.

i was lying on the bed.  We were talking.  Laughing. 

I felt an air bubble in my tummy.  Simultaneously I saw that my gf was going for a sip of water.

I timed it perfectly. 

The breaking of the wind came both by surprise and with crisp force.

I added a sly look.

She didn't stand a chance.  She giggled very briefly as she attempted to stifle what was coming.  But almost immediately she let go and accepted the inevitable.  She snarfed the water.  A fart induced spit-take.

I'd love to tell you all that i didn't take off up the stairs into a victory lap.  But, alas, i cannot. 

Savor the moments folks.  Savor the moments.


  1. mut -

    does your taking off up the stairs mean that your mobility has improved that much. if so, that is awesome.


  2. rest assured loyal followers, the gf will not be out did. the flawless timing and hilarity of the situation has been savored and is now serving as inspiration. revenge is a strong word, let's instead use, redemption. the gears are turning, who knows when the opportunity will present itself, but for all those "how i met your mother" fans, challenge accepted :)

  3. @Bri. While "taking off" may have more accurately depicted and "scuttled off," my back is much much better. Once i get back in the pool (later this week? this weekend?) hopefully the soreness will recede.

    @gf This has me truly and deeply worried.