How to Survive and Thrive in New England from the Bottom Up

Friday, October 1, 2010 | 2 Comment(s)

Have you seen that its raining in the Northeast?  It is.  Bucket-style.  And while the leaves are also beginning to turn, aka the epic beauty that is this area, it would be a lie to say that there are not things about living in New England that take some getting used to. 

Take this rain, for example.  Will we get a random freeze and have to deal with October ice?  Will it continue until everyone's basement is flooded?  Or will we get a heat flash and watch the visible humidity rise from the soaked ground?  All are possible.  Or none.  New England is a roll of the dice.

But, as usual, i'm here to help.  And this help comes in the form of a two part blog series (which im sure will go more than 2 posts) dealing with shoes.  I am a bit of a shoe-"lover," and while i don't love them quite like the sex in the city girls, i do love both form (aka colors) and function.

And today's post is about function.  the secret to enjoying new england weather is  . . . . wait for it . . . . . . water-proof sneakers.  Not water-resistant.  Not "but they're pretty good in the rain."  I'm talking "i'm confident if i submerge 3/4th of my foot in this puddle my foot will still be dry" water proof. 

And i'm sure the response to this is: but i have these great Wellies (rubber boots) that i wear in the rain.  And while they are great and all, you hate to have to walk around inside with those suckers.  The first thing you want to do is change into other footwear.  And that takes effort, and that gets annoying, and that makes you hate the new england weather.  The beauty of water-proof sneaks is that you no longer have to worry about your footwear ever again.  I have a pair of such sneakers (on my feet currently) that have filled this role in my life for the past 6 years or so.  I haven't even bought winter boots.  That's right folks, water-proof keeps the snow out too.  (this is where i give you the side note that warm socks are also essentials in winter).  Now when there is bad weather predicted, i just put on my Vasques and I'm go to go.  I am foot loose and fancy free.  And you can be too.

The "Neo" of bad weather shoes


  1. But what is the brand?! Where is the link to the Zappos page? I posit that it is downright unamerican to have a blog if it doesn't send me to a website where I can purchase things or make fun of drunk/arrested celebs.

  2. @MattyF The blog RE: celebs is upcoming!!! stay tuned. The shoes are Vasque (brand) Stealth (make). The shoes themselves must be 4 or 5 years old and i swear to god that until i wrote this post i had no idea that A) They were Vasque's or B) Vasque was a brand. You know what they say, never look down.