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It's been 8 days since my last confession. Oh life, how you sometimes get in the way of my life.

I'm back to swimming. I took a break from the pool because I got a tattoo over spring break (im waiting to write about it later) and they said you should wait 3 weeks before exposing the tattoo to chlorine et al. And since I am pretty overwhelmingly neurotic about things that will be around forever, I decided to wait twice the allotted time before jumping back into doing laps. Unfortunately, not swimming for a month and a half had my stress at "need to punch people" level. After two days of swimming i can already feel the emotional difference.

As I was getting into the pool today, all the lanes had a 1 person in them, so I chose the lane with the "quietest" swimmer, and asked him if he minded if I split the lane with him (this is both standard and common procedure). The man was about 80 years only, and he took off his goggles and squinted at me and said, "Well, yes I do mind, but I don't really have a choice."

An unbelievably rude response to a totally reasonable request. But thankfully, I have less and less patience for people lacking in basic social skills, and I also have no problem reflecting their lack of social skills right back at them. So my response, immediately following his remark, was, "You are absolutely right," and jumped in.

Later in the day I went to the coffee shop to work and saw this at the intersection:
Yup, that IS an accident between a city bus and an armored truck. Pretty epic. I think this might have to be the blog's first ever caption contest!!! In the comments write your favorite caption to the picture and ill choose a winner for an undisclosed future prize.

I think ill end this post with some advice. Some time during this long weekend (if you're in america reading this) try to find an activity or lack of activity that makes you feel like this:

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  1. Caption submission: "Lord Jesus Christ could not be reached for comment."