Teach Your Children Well

Saturday, May 15, 2010 | 5 Comment(s)

Today is graduation day in Amherst, MA, and you can tell because the only people more entitled than some of these college kids, are their parents.

Example: As I was sitting in the coffee shop working, a couple, woman mid 40's, man early 50's, swept into the shop. The man, beige linen suit, white shirt, cloth tie which ends in a horizontal square cut off (not the traditional diamond tip *douche* cough cough *douche* [ps. im not really coughing]), is holding a take-away cup from a different chain coffee shop. The woman, skirt suit a la Lady Kennedy, takes her seat. The man, meanders a bit near the counter, then decides to leave his empty coffee cup garbage from another establishment exactly where the barristers here put up orders. And walks away. The look on my GF (who was working at the time) was stunned disbelief. And i think she hit it right on the head.

These "adults" are in town to celebrate their children graduating to the next phase of their life. I'm just glad they sent their kids away for college . . . gave them a fighting chance.

Oh, and I took a picture of them, and I'm posting it, cause I'm that mad at their behavior:


  1. lol, he does look pretty douchey. Also note the indoor wearing of sunglasses.
    Every year I think about participating in Commencement, and every year I decide against it, for a lot of reasons. Thanks for giving me one more. :-P

  2. aforementioned (barrista) gfMay 16, 2010 at 9:18 AM

    If Mr. and Mrs. Indoor-Sunglasses-Wearing Douchebags hadn't left during the post graduation ceremony rush, I would have informed them that 1. we have a bus-bin (rather than bus-people) AND a trash can for them to use and 2. no, the communal sugar is NOT meant to be taken and kept at their table.
    Douchebags! (not even trying to cover it with a cough)
    And don't even get me started on the joker who walked through the shop door with a sign reading, "no outside food or beverage", munching on pizza.

  3. @f-er (hehe, couldnt resist). That is almost the definition of NOT Harrison Ford. As Harrison is a male-prototype hero/legend, and the guy pictured is composed of whatever those worms that eat poop excrete.

  4. I am so behind due to my self imposed cut-off. This post brought me much joy.