The Door Mat's Demise

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 | 4 Comment(s)

So I kinda lost it today.  It's the small things that piss me off.  I'm working on it.   But they kicked us out of the pool 10 minutes early today with the explanation that the diving coach needed the pool.  But the diving coach wasn't THERE!  I was not the only one who felt this was just another example of the athletic center charging the swimmers super high fees while not giving us any new benefits (THEY TOOK OUR SOAP!) and generally just not giving a shit about us because they know that they have the only business in town when it comes to pools.

So how did I release this aggression towards the man?  Well do you remember the "non-denominational" door-mat our landlords provided us with back in December?  It's still there.  In front of our doorstep.  In March.

I just flashed with rage.  I saw red and the next thing i know i'm tossing the Joy encrusted foot gunk collector across the porch and neatly next to their matching "Joy" mat.   Don't piss me off man.  I'm a wildman.

It still felt good though.  It still felt good.


  1. Matt,
    Love your blog. I read honesty in all of your postings. Keep up the good work!

    p/s: you're lucky they didn't ask you to pick up the soap LOLOLOLOL!!

  2. Hey Zachary. A male reader! I'm gonna have to keep you around. And I can guarantee honesty every time. The truth is so much funnier anyways.

  3. male reader? hmmm.. can you read my blog? i need some male readers!!