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Saturday, March 27, 2010 | 1 Comment(s)

I stopped all 3 people I was walking with to snap this photo on the streets of London.

First thing you should know as that the arrow is pointing right at someone's 2nd story apartment.
Let's make some jokes.

1) Is this someone's personal sign that they put up to advertise their prowess?

2) All I can think of is some wheelbarrow-like sex position that allows "travelling" as part of the sex act.

3) Then I think about how badly I'd want to compete in some such race.

4) I love the pictorial representation of a hump. So many ways to go with this, and they choose the "fat snake" approach. Seems somehow very "british" (i have no idea why though)

5) I hope the person who lives in the pointed at apartment has the kinda attitude that's all "you're damn right I do" and not all "humping is a gross term for a lude practice."

6) What happens after 175 yards if you aren't finished? Is that when you just resolve to go oral on each other. If so, I think it's nice having guidelines.

7) Doesn't the glow coming from atop the picture make it seem like god approves of long-distance humping. I know my god does.

8) On second though, what if the person living there is actually a really expensive fashion designing prostitute? And (s)he takes yards and yards of fabric as payment for the humpings provided.

9) Could everyone on that block have the last name "Humps." They must be pretty influential to get their own street sign.

10) the only thing that could make this better is a "Curb your dog" sign right underneath.

In the end, let's all just agree that "humping" is a terrific word. Absolutely terrific.

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