Who's Your Favorite New Kid? . . . Call me Donny . . . .Call me Donny

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 | 7 Comment(s)

The title of this blog post comes from one of my all-time favorite movies Mall Rats.   I could explain it, but you should just watch the movie (or watch it again if need be).

But, while i am short on time, i wanted to throw this out there.  I realize now that I rushed my entry into the blogging world.  I made some rookie mistakes and I'm not totally sure how to fix them.

First, the url for my blog is  Which is, of course, my name + the hosting site.  It was only later that I realized that bloggers generally try to think up witty, easy to remember blog addresses that are not so narcissistically self-involved.   For example, one of my blog mentors Una aka "The Sassy Curmudgeon's" blog address is  Considering she does the Project Runway Recaps for HuffPo, this seems both fitting and witty.  Good on yah Una.   I, it seems, have stuck myself with an address both unoriginal ("Wow, look guys, his address is actually his name!") and hard to spell (it has been misspelled by family members in the past, so i know this to be true).  I'm thinking of changing it to  Thoughts?  Is that even possible?

Second, like "Sassy" Una or my reader "the flabby ninja" (awesome name), most bloggers have handles.  Like truck drivers, they make up cool names that both give a small bit of insight into their character and hide their true identity from the world.  It is essentially the first step to becoming the superhero we all want to be.  I have no handle.  I am all spout (yes, that's a "I'm a little teapot" reference).  Readers, you gotta help me here.  Do I need one?  Or should I remain "Mattitiyahu"  like "Madonna."  I really didn't know that there would be so many decisions to be made just by starting a blog.  Maybe that's why i f'd it up so thoroughly.

I'll leave you with an expression that both sums up my feelings RE: f'ing up titles and handles, and is useful for many situations throughout life.  It's the Japanese expression: Sho ga nai (Pronounced: Show-gah-nigh [rhymes with lie]).  Loosely translated it means, "It can't be helped."  It is an expression that signifies that things that have happened have happened, and beating oneself up over it after the fact really does no one any good.  Maybe that should be my handle?


  1. Let me add: you don't make friends with text verification.

  2. Mattitiyahu is growing on me.
    I don't know that a snappy address is all that and a cheese sandwich; I think content which attracts followers and nails you into blogrolls is much more important. I certainly don't visit blogs by typing their URL!
    Take a little time... You may find plenty of friends just as you are.

  3. I think handles are over rated... you will always be Yo-Yo in my book.

    But... this is how you use your 100th blog post? Or did I miscount?

    Yours truthfully,

    Red Dog (aka Slow-Mo)

  4. @Ellie. I'm glad that lil old me has been enough for you so far. Some things of note. 1) I had to look up what a "blogroll" is. Second. What does you second comment about text verification mean? Do i need to change my comments settings or am i way off?

    @Slow-Mo You bring up a good point. So, by my count on the right side of the screen, im now at 98. but when I go into my "Dashboard" (the blog menu) is says I'm at 100. I've decided to go with the the prior count, as I'd like to type out #100 when I get home to the states (later today).

  5. First let me say, that was a total "I've-been-discovered-and-will-become-like-totally-famous" moment because you mentioned me (ME!) in your blog, which is a huge honor because I totally love reading it everyday. Second, I dig the Madonna theory and think you should keep the URL since your name is not a Smith or a Jones type of name. Oh, and I think you could absolutely pull off the cone shape boobs too - I'm just sayin'.

  6. @Ninja. All of my readers are famous to me. Especially those who take the time to share their thoughts with me. As for the bra, i just hope i those pictures from college surface . . . it was just a phase.

  7. No, I like you using your name. You're fortunate to have such a distinctive one.

    For the record, I'm a big fan of distinctive names. If I had a kid, I would name it Majesty, or Coriander, or Seventeen--something like that.