Worst Fear Realized: Part II

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 | 3 Comment(s)

There has never been a blog post that I more hoped would not have a "Part II" than this one. Of course, this immediately brings me to my latest eye doctor visit.

Turns out that my right eye continues to be problematic as a function first of dryness, and second of me rubbing it. In order to try and ameliorate problem #1 (and in turn problem #2), the doc decided a second stent was in order.

A brief reminder that "a stent" in this case is shorthand for a small icicle-shaped plastic elephant tusk which the doctor pushes into one's (upper this time) tear duct in order to block it from draining the eye's tears and thereby bathing that eye in increased moisture.

As I said last time I wrote on this topic, the whole "needle in the eye" phenomenon is one of the scariest things I can conceive of, falling just short of drowning to death under ice. How I managed to keep still for this second procedure, this time knowing what was coming, was nothing short of heroic. So I rewarded myself with ice cream (and copious amounts of lactaid).

you put your stent in there (Note: this is not me)

You can feel the difference. My right eye now slowly bleeds tears like the bad guy from the Casino Royale Bond movie (cept my tears aren't made of blood--fingers crossed).

I guess the silver lining here is that at least I only have two tear ducts left, and therefore this thread will max out after Part IV. Somewhat fittingly, if it comes to that, I will have no tear drainage at all, and will appear to be constantly crying. Though, at that point, it may not be the lack of drainage.


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  2. hey, now we both have stents! let's start a club.