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Now I'm not about to write a midday post suggesting that pot should be legalized.  That's just not me (that's more of a late night argument).  But one thing that I consistently despise is hypocrisy (especially  my own).  And so, with that, I give you the world's best and breifest argument for why either pot should be as legal as alcohol, or alcohol should be as illegal as pot.

Picture me in a room with a bunch of old white guys, I mean a legislature, making this argument:

Me:  Gentlemen and Lady, I have to ask you one simple question about the proposed bill to keep pot illegal.  Which of you is the MOST against pot legalization.  (I picture one of the older white guys raising his hand--let's call him Mr. White).  Mr White, I want you to imagine this situation.  You are paraplegic.  You have no arms and legs and you go out for a night on the town with two of your able bodied friends. Throughout the course of the night, one of your friends, gets super drunk.  Not fall down illiterate drunk, but he's been drinking all night.  Your other friend has been smoking pot all night.  He's lit up joints at fairly constant intervals all night and is, considering the red in his eyes, stoned.

Here's the dilemma.  No cell reception, the three of you need to get home.  You, have no arms or legs.  One friend's drunk, one's stoned.  You have to decide who drives.   Who are you going to choose.

You are damn right you are going to choose the stoned guy over the drunk guy every time.  Well, if you care about living you will.  Pot has a less deleterious effect on driving (the cause of many drug deaths), it doesn't make people violent (well--violently lazy perhaps), and I have yet to see someone O.D. on pot (while stomach pumping is like the training wheels of E.R. medicine).  The worst thing I've heard someone do on pot, was one off-duty police officer calling 911 after eating pot brownies, causing him and his wife to trip so hard that they thought that he and his wife were dying (or at least in some kind of alternate reality where he wanted the police operator to verify the sports scores on T.V. to assure him that he was living in "real time").  But that was super funny.  (worth a watch.)

Again, I'm not saying that pot should be legal.  All i'm saying is that given the side by side comparison with alcohol, our laws are profoundly out of whack.  And that annoys me.

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  1. And you didn't even mention the fact that alcohol is related to cardiovascular and liver disease, is addictive, and results in all kinds of domestic violence.